any 'authors' comment'


a(r)uthor's machine comments . I like __the to rest go. Incomplete page. fragment on a taggle (her bum rushed to ground). no time. meet to bust. some matches  work others tipple topple and bust. what?  thought achines only wor  as  they break down? well __ It did! I love you spread you                                             r knee  So lax. Author's machine comments .  let thEe rest go. Incomplete page. figment a tag time. meet to bust. sum computer  worke tipple topple and bust. what? you bought desiringAuthor's machine com- . I lith rest go. In__complete 
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when they break                              down? well __ It did! I love __ Author's machine comments . I let th rest go. Incomplete page. freastraggle?. n__out that vowel o time. meet to bust. some

Mona wants a sandwich. If you keep clearing the barometer I mean the harbor you'll make it

                       (nice monster scary sprite)

Legend has it she had many covering to her plateau of bodying regression to her rescinded

blogger   machine comment . let the rest go honey. 

             brimmer said to me 
  ,   eons ago    ,    O I like broken links
  Brim Broom's broken links extend backward across the 'scrolling' page     ~

Shoosh come the veils dawn                                                   dharma shadow walking  the  cape

                                                                  her shoulder's wing

are my sweet nothing

  (say alex hidden varnished off  a

pain/s come

                                                                                                                 (' the phrases)

she's the red ship at noon

    ill garners, gathers, ground, in the fennel owl shaped woods 'where' berries crush paths. Finds something like a tease 'quote' to shame, to disarm their path.



 the changing face of takingthebrim!
                        thee fonts

   thosE templates! O

No doubt ___ continued

             see what __ mean

           wiggles  writhes

            yer body to m__

a body

in A space

              bounded less by

daddiohe anti-desiremachine.

Ok, it's alove p............oem, alr........ight. What? another o... This might as well be the fictions.... That sort of other poetry, is priva...

Cant               be blogged

                                                                 cant be seen

cant be seen.

(there he goes again you think seeing her again 'seeing her' wel, if you can call that seeing makes a difference?

                           what about that shit about Artaud? you think that's true?) (( Not sure__ after all look at his letters to others __ perfectly fine)) (indeed__ if you want to call that perfection)

one must

              the en__

                                  as it'err


machined indices. make for the space. cut a crease. not so then? what felt of body before space. come cross the page. page? no page. blog derive. le devenir __ the                                                      sense that of the what is to come. to come for the what has not yet arrived... Oh then __ it's especial night. beside teeth.And dawn. like her pages, my soft side 

raddled skin, of deluxe. hold me. god, hold me. i am wither. wait. weight. near philology. of paradox besideness. face wait for me in the hote.l. ruined before. space. body over dawn. come to me break yer way, the mingle. not a fold but a clear water. sage place. close to y our hands.

 i can feel your ass. i knew it. sense d the other night. what? cant breath. with. your. with.out your. come breath. the post. pant. palimpest. not so. not spelled. egg dawn of break. schizo. egg. trauma noise. is the .

wayfarer. cuddle me. beg. oh okay. okay. need some need some. needle on. cant aid.

 machine paradox.

dox. the core of.
--------------------------- this is too much, the linguwadgeoftheorloger
'the core. the kergyma of kenosis. empty me out before you. after. the decal. decades. sudden eruption. who was. then she. was. who was . sheesh. wave. body forth. wrecked it town. lover dawn.'

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 the internet is not a  visual medium

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