_ the history of punk and punketariat and poetry...


    the history of a strange subjectivity of making and making for yourself.
           making things for yourself

                   things that work and don't always work or work after breaking apart,

                        or juxtapose the cats, the old records and the nylons hanging across the room
                                in that collage of containment room on Debullion





prism <=> shareacoke

prism share a coke
data surveillance
expanded to cans

biometrical gurgling patterns
expose urban

happy poem of glorious statehood

let us celebrate replacement
with equally questionable
leaders parties and their hidden
machines agendas and arrogance
undoing the fabric and beliefs
undoing the trust and hopes
for reasonable profit expectations
—army as advance goodness
in public relations preparing
occupied for incoming business

let us celebrate our elected awfuls’
control of the nation’s re-imaging
repositioning downward pride
ongoing record of human wrongs
against people whose lands
we occupy wrong and not free
against women students workers
children artists and scholars
—let us not replicate khmer rouge
pogrom in land of red maple leaf

—Joe Blades



\\ as  YOU  know //

A s   Y o u   K n ow


in the sand
by the sacred sea
there is a light
you must seek
buried for decades
perhaps longer
it is the glow
of the metallic taste
left in your mouth
when you rode
ten thousand whales
from your beginning
to your end
it is sharp yet delicate
it casts no shadow
it will wait
for you to uncover it