(Re)Search/Destroy? Or, Mistaking Poetry for Viruses

Category: Arc, Residency
Written by: Sophie Mayer on July 1, 2013

An arc of the arc of the Archive: hive report from Holly Pester’s Report on the Archive at Birkbeck, 5 July 2013, forthcoming.
Until then, here’s Twitter’s report on the #epoetry festival at Kingston University. And now: some e-xperiments with poetrynews.
Poetry as News/Data (after the style of Ron Silliman), combined with Fluxuggestions (à la Yoko Ono, to mark the publication of Acorn, and its performance by Stacy Makishi, at Meltdown on 22.06.2013).


_____Something Else Press was founded by Dick Higgins in 1963. It published many important texts and artworks and was an early publisher of Concrete poetry and other works by Fluxus artists throughout the 1960s.
He presents and comments some of these publications in Artpool in 1993.______________