exploding addictions

exploding addictions
folded foetal rockstars
blood striated spittle
soft limbs tied together
tattoos climb on strung out skin
bespattered with chrome and broken pianists fingers
tumescent architecture

the ballet of dietary dysfunction
dissected vocal chords slime along an elaborate balustrade
scraped clean bodies present montages

diagrams of fish flutter in the sunlight
orgies of scattered meat
baskets of fruit and severed limbs share jokes with crippled monuments
sticky with venom

a shag in the psychotic company car
a golden enema
shit bespattered plastic in the retro style
red leather with child protective caps

hermaphrodite spirals of energy recline in battered books
schematics of flayed tourists
dreams in fetid bed linen

therapy in glass topped phrases
museums of leaving people
dogshit with white stilettos

the flickering voices of gods flap in the mud

a music hall comedian screams under a tranquil bridge
songs sing songs

a skull dressed in the rudimentary affectations of a face
bedlam of garden centre proportions

(non) nude descending a staircase


The love of this poor form so unavailing,
angiogram profuse in the storm so wailing,

quartz catarrh to tumefy the flood
and a dense vermiculate who stints warm blood.

The osteal road. Graywyvern's quern vermeiling
the love of this sparse verse so unavailing.

This Poem

This poem is constructed of objects that you would find in your average middle-class kitchen.
This poem contains enough space to get by.
This poem makes you uncomfortable.
This poem cannot begin until you sit down.
This poem refuses to be referred to as a poem.
This poem would like to be referred to as Earl.
This poem is accepting applications.
This poem does not pay a living wage.
This poem knows the wages of living.
This poem is worried about the economy.
This poem wants peace, but loves esplosions.
This poem wants to move in with you.
This poem is eager to meet your parents.
This poem is full of meatloaf.
This poem has rendered itself useless.
This poem is a double amputee.
This poem is heavily invested in the markets.
This poem gives in to its violent urges.
This poem is nervous about its appearance.
This poem cannot be trusted with polite company
This poem was once a sestina.
This poem has a beef with the government.
This poem is going underground.
This poem hates the revolution.
This poem is constructed of objects that you would find in your average middle-class kitchen.

Places I Have Never Been

Beirut Beyrouth Lebanon, Reykjavk Gullbringusysla Og Vodafone Islandssimi Iceland, Brighton East Sussex, Gloucester College of Higher Education Gloucestershire, Cracow Malopolskie, the Academic Computer Centre, Telefonica de Argentina, Viedma Rio Negro Argentina, Karlsruhe Baden-Wurttemberg Germany, London, City of London, UK, Vestgronland Greenland, Penta College Schiphol Noord-Holland, the Netherlands, Planet Technologies, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, the Netherlands, NIB, National Internet Backbone, Lakhnau Uttar Pradesh India, and Nocera Superiore, Campania Italy.

To Tam Publications - Breda

This postcard is a collaboration work with Peter Dowker

compositional fields
the eye motion
and sensory data
how to see
structures what
to feel
consider the film
where the man
greets his
son after abandoning
him to the care of
the meeting
frames the total
landscape where
the man and the boy
are so much hill
sand and rock
there is distance
either in character
tone and depth of
vision there is
a vein sheathed
in spit and light
expecting to be

11:53 p.m. -- 5/24/08

Around And Around


Better late
Than never,
Except regarding
Expired milk.