I said to Flarius




I  said to Flarius the poet that life is short
        Possibly shorter than a  boat  
   But what obstinate jewels kept the Empire in 
  Frogged by your eyes  I am dog to the night
Mona's sheet has many bottoms
 but mostly her round as a moon
    one's the one you rue  

I once played Trumpet wth Flavius while he accompanied me on radio

    we were doing a recording   (cassette recorder or reel to reel )

Femmes   a Barbe.... 

Forthrop my good frienwsas runnign wheels in  the back... trum and rum an humm! hummm!


Forthrop was loose with Dististopher ? was that his name the man with the Jeanne Mance apartment in his house, a broken record instead,  a dope riddle brain not working much anymore these days nor those before.
but white hair flowing and a  cane one saw the once brilliant intellect sliding down his profile